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1T-MX-4355 VGA Matrix Routing Switchers


EOL NOTICE The 1T-MX-4355 has been discontinued. If you require a 1T-MX-4355 product or similar for your project, please contact your tvONE sales representative


1T-MX-4355 5x5 VGA Matrix Switcher with Audio is designed to allow distribution of five VGA sources (or YPbPr, CV & SV with appropriate cable adapters) to five devices independently or all at the same time. The 1T-MX-4355 also provides full support for stereo audio I/O. All video paths are buffered to prevent cross talk and cable distances of 65 meters (210 ft) are supported for resolutions up to and including 1080i. 480i through 1080p HDTV signals and VGA through WUXGA signals are valid inputs and outputs. All inputs are processed at full bandwidth, delivering no compromise outputs on all paths. Switcher memory is employed to insure last selection recall should power be temporarily lost. RS-232, Ethernet and Infrared control supplement front panel input/output selection and a rack mount kit is included with the switcher. Special mechanical features include TV One's exclusive locking DC connector preventing inadvertent disconnects.