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 1T-DVI-512 & 1T-DVI-514 DVI Distribution Amplifiers


1T-DVI-512 TV One-Task™ 1T-DVI-512 and 1T-DVI-514 DVI Distribution Amplifiers with HDCP are compact, high performance products designed to meet the most demanding requirements for the distribution of DVI signals with HDCP copy protection. The 1T-DVI-512 provides transparent distribution of signals to two (2) destinations and the 1T-DVI-514 increases the number of outputs to four (4). The units have DVI-I Connectors for the input and outputs and are powered with an included AC power adapter that provides 9 VDC for operation. The units may be cascaded to deliver DVI with HDCP signals over greater distances from the source using premium grade DVI cable. An LED indicator indicates the presence of DC Power.


HDTV Resolutions Supported 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i
Maximum Display Resolution Supported 165MHz (UXGA)
Maximum Resolution 1600 X 1200@60Hz
Maximum Cable Distance (Outputs) 32 feet (10M) Using Premium Cable such as Z-Plus Brand
I/O Connectors
DVI Destination Port Connectors 2x or 4x DVI-I 29 pin female
Input Port Connector 1x DVI-I 29 pin female
Size H-W-D 1T-DVI-512 1.65x6.0x3.0 (42x153x75mm)
Weight (1T-DVI-512) 1.0 Pounds (475g)
Size H-W-D 1T-DVI-514 1.65x8.75x3.9 (42x269x104mm)
Weight (1T-DVI-514) 2.1 pounds (975g)
Limited Warranty 2 Years Parts and Labor
Operating Temperature 0° to 40° C (+32° to +104° F)
Operating Humidity 10% to 85%, Non-condensing
Storage Temperature -20° to +60° C (+20° to +140° F)
Storage Humidity 10% to 85%, Non-condensing
Power Requirement
External Power Supply 9VDC @ 1.3A
Regulatory Approvals
Amplifier Units FCC, CE
Power Supplies UL, CE, CSA
Accessories Included
See Pdf specsheet PDF SpecSheet
Product Item Number
1T-DVI-512 1 In x 2 Out
1T-DVI-514 1 In x 4 Out

Key Features of 1T-DVI-5XX Series

  • Fully HDCP Compliant
  • Supports PC Resolutions to UXGA
  • Supports all HDTV Resolutions
  • 2 and 4 Output Versions
  • The Distribution Amplifiers can be cascaded

Click the image for a larger view ...

1T-DVI-512 Front View 1T-DVI-512 Rear View
dvi repeater top down view dvi repeater input
1T-DVI-514 Front View 1T-DVI-514 Rear View
dvi repeater top down view dvi repeater input
1T-DVI-512 x2 in a Dual Rackmount Front View 1T-DVI-512 in a Single Rackmount Front View
dual rackmount view single rackmount view

Manuals for these Products (right click/save as to save)
- Manual for 1T-DVI-512&514

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